Food & Drink

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Tender steaks, iconic pies and vegetarian favourites, we have a selection that has something for everyone. Our kitchen is open from 12 noon to 4pm for lunch orders (including a sandwich menu) and 5pm until 9pm for dinner.

We also have a great selection of Beer, Wine and drinks to make sure that, no matter what you are into, we’ve got you covered!

Pub Classics & Season Wonders

Choose from our selection of hearty and warming pub classics including bangers and mash, beer battered fish & chips, delicious salads and more.


The Pinsa Romana is a sort of pizza-style, guilt-free baked bread base. Why guilt-free? Because is raised for 72 hours with a high water percentage and it is low in fat & cholesterol. It’s also made from a flour mix of rice, soya and wheat, making it light and digestible!

To avoid disappointment please book in advance for dining. We accept bookings up to 6 people online. Please call us for larger bookings.